Winning in Business, Why People Like Us

Everyone knows that we are judged in mere seconds by others. But wouldn’t it be nice to know the criteria others will use to evaluate you?

Consultants and professors have been studying first impressions for many years, but one group from Harvard says they have cracked the code and discovered two patterns that people utilize to assess who we are.

Amy Cuddy in her book, “Presence,” suggests that people when they first meet us, answer two questions, and often in a matter of seconds.

1- Do I trust you?
2- Do I respect you?

Psychologists reference the trust factor as being most similar to warmth, and competence closely tied to respect. Most people possess more of one than the other, though ideally, you want to be seen as having both (in equal measure).

Cuddy suggests that many professionals overcompensate in the competence area as they feel it’s most important for a new business contact to feel that you have the talent and smarts for the task, job or activity. This makes sense since the person is often attempting to prove that they are the best choice to handle the other parties business activity whether it be a consulting project, SEO initiative, strategic planning or large scale M&A deal. The “stakes” are always high for the person needing to “win” the business, no matter how big the deal size.

It turns out that even when there is much on the line, trustworthiness or “warmth” could be the most important factor – even above professional respect or competence.

In the book Presence, Cuddy examines how to feel more confident, but cautions that emphasizing strength can be detrimental to the desired outcome of getting people to like us. As a case study, MBA interns competing for highly coveted jobs can be so concerned about being seen as the smartest or most competent, that they will not seek help, they skip social events and as a result, are perceived as not approachable.

Unfortunately, these overachievers who in every other way may have been the best candidates, are often in for a startling revelation when they don’t get the job due simply to a lack of trust.

If you are trying to influence a person who doesn’t trust you, not only will you be unsuccessful, but you may be viewed as manipulative. Meanwhile, a trustworthy (warm) person who is also strong, will almost always garner much admiration. But only after they’ve established trust by using their strength as a gift and not a threat.

It’s time to drop the cold, calculating manner in business and adopt a warm embracing demeanor. As Amy Cuddy writes, this is just good “science.”

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Local SEO and Blogging Secrets

Google Bing and Yahoo! Neighborhood search revealed. When someone moves to a new community, they need to make new connections. They need a new doctor, dentist, school, coffee shop, auto repair shop, landscaper, plumber, and the list goes on.
Wouldn’t it be nice if your businesses listing appeared at or near the top of the search engine results page when they type in “Mesa dentist” or “Chandler AZ automobile technician” into their favorite online search engine?
Well that’s exactly what regional search enables you to do. Google, Bing, and also Yahoo! have started using a combination of the searcher’s physical location combined with the search terms they utilize, to place neighborhood businesses at the top of the search results page.
The local search engine results map as well as a list of relevant results is positioned over natural “big brand” search results. If your company can get to the top of this local search result, it’s as good as gold.  Specificly because they’ll visit your website before they visit the normal high ranking organic outcomes. Additionally, they are able to see on the map exactly where you are located and if you are nearby.
Even if your physical location is not a determining factor to your services or product, don’t you think they’d still like a company that’s nearby instead of one that’s across the country? As a matter of fact, a recent study found that over 90% of individuals investigated their acquisitions online, yet, 50% of these same people ended up buying from a regional (local) supplier. This is good news for you as a local business owner.
But let’s face it, unless you have a ton of time, getting to the top of the search rankings is difficult. And buying display advertising on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! is almost pointless for neighborhood companies. To do well in organic search, you need to understand search engine optimization (Seo) and the good news is, there are many ways that you can get traffic for your website. Whether you go it alone or work with a top search marketing agency, there are several actions that you can take to drive high quality FREE organic traffic to your website.
Search Engine Optimization makes use of preferred key phrases and search terms in your website material as well as articles that will generate a higher ranking in the search results page (SERP). This activity is often referred to as on-page SEO
Link Building is where you place links to various sites that are related on your website, as well as links to directories and online forums that relate to your industry and company. This will serve to show Google and the other search engines that similar people approve of your website, giving you more authority and increasing your search engine rankings.
If you’re aiming to figure out the best ways to draw in web traffic to your site, these are just a few devices to consider. One of the most important factors for on-line success is that you have a marketing strategy, it could consist of any combination of these components, although “none” isn’t suggested. You can additionally attempt other methods such as producing a blog, or email newsletter.

Following are five simple tips for enhancing traffic to a home based business blog site. (Note that these tips apply to any small business blog whether home based or not.)

Now that you have your blog masterpiece prepared it’s time to release it to the world, yet without traffic you won’t have readers, and without readers no business.
Five ideas for boosting web traffic to your blog:
(1). One of the most efficient methods to promote your blog is to compose useful write-ups and blog comments that provide valuable insights to your target audience. Comment, say something insightful and if it’s not inappropriate drop a link to a related blog post or article on your site. This will drive traffic “naturally” and not generally be flagged as spam.
(2). Enhancing web traffic to your home based business blog is all about getting the word out, as well as building backlinks. Joining discussion forums that are in your particular niche provides an easy means to let individuals understand about your blog site while developing even more web links. These are individuals who are currently thinking about information about your market. Do not aim to stuff online forums and don’t be too promotional, add value and you will create organic traffic to your site.
(3). Submitting to blog directory sites can greatly boost your web traffic. Run a quick search in Google to find blog site directories to submit to. You could likewise send to directory sites like DMOZ which can enhance your standing in the search engines.
(4). The web is all about content and relevance to the search being made. Utilize your blog site content to produce unique articles and reports. An excellent way to produce longer form content is to take the content you already have on your blog that is relevant to your target audience, and combine it to create full blown reports. These could be sent to article directories like Quuu,, and this master directory.
(5). Provide a complimentary report or other incentive to your visitors as well as encourage them to share. You could make it appealing by offering them an innovative variation of your report if they tell 3 or 5 of their friends. This can effortlessly have a viral advertising and marketing effect and drive traffic to your blog.
Boosting traffic to your business blog can considerably affect your authority (ranking) on-line as well as in the physical world. Uploading useful and informative information regularly is the surest manner to enhance visibility on the search engines, thereby encouraging them to send you more traffic as a result of ranking in the first position (page one).

Watch the video below to learn more.